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Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q. My LCD \ LED \ Plasma screen is cracked. Can it be repaired?
A.  In most cases the cost to replace the screen is more than a new TV.

Q. My air conditioner has no power.
A. First check your circuit breaker or fuse.

Q. My remote is not working.
A. Check the batteries and polarity  ( +  - ).

Q. My DVD \ Blu-ray is freezing or skips.
A. Check disc for dirt or scratches.  

Q. My computer will not connect to the internet.
A. Reboot the modem, router and computer and try internet.

Q. My TV will not power on.
A. Check that the power cord is in the wall, and cable box is turned on.

Q. My TV is on but has no picture or sound
A. Check TV for correct input.
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